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Thatcham Category 1 (Cat 1)

This is the most comprehensive category and is for systems that comprise both an alarm and an immobiliser. Fitting a ‘Cat 1′ vehicle security alarm will qualify you for the maximum insurance discount. A ‘Cat 1′ will sometimes be the minimum insurance requirement for sports and high performance vehicles.

Thatcham Category 2-1 Upgrade

This means that if you already have a ‘Cat 2′ approved immobiliser fitted to your car, you can upgrade to full ‘Cat 1′ status with a 2-1 alarm. Most UK registered cars from 2002 were factory fitted with an immobiliser system. Please call for vehicle compatibility if you are based in Somerset.


A non-Thatcham alarm will not qualify for any insurance discounts or approval, However, still a formidable security system not to be underestimated. Non-insurance approved vehicle alarm systems can be easily customised, many features can be added on to create a high quality security system.

Canbus 2-1 Thatcham upgrade

Specifically designed for vehicles with full can bus wiring, normally only found in cars manufactured after 2003. To be compatible, your vehicle must have factory fitted remote central locking. Please call for vehicle compatibility.

Immobiliser Cat 2

A touch key operated, two circuit immobiliser, insurance approved to Thatcham Category 2. Features include dual circuit immobilisers, electronic anti scan touch keys, automatic system arming, passive arming LED status indication and ignition-on safety circuit.

Nick came to my rescue when due to work carried out the alarm he had originally installed would not set

I needed it fo my insurance cover and he saw me at a lunchtime was so busy, fixed it and charged a very, very reasonable rate to the repairer for doing so

Five star service Thanks John


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